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NFL Lingo: Draft Edition

Read this and try to look smart at your draft party!

Every year the NFL Draft comes, and the analyst’s bloggers, and people like me will drop a bunch of words to make you think that we know what we’re talking about. Here’s my breakdown of NFL Draft lingo, to help you out from April 25th to April 27th. Also, If you want to make the NFL Draft even more fun, have a drink every time one of these words is said!


“Plug and Play”

Very simple, it is a player who is NFL ready and will be a contributor from day 1. Usually someone who played a lot in college, and produced. In this years draft, you’ll hear it about the first 5 defensive lineman taken. “Nick Bosa and Quinnen Williams are plug and play type guys”


“High Ceiling”

Lots of potential with these players! They might not be a “plug and play” guy, but give them some time and coaching, down the road they could be very good players. “Despite never playing College Football, Antonio Gates has a very high ceiling”



Great athlete, probably had a amazing combine and pro day. Could have been strong in college, but it was likely based on superior athleticism. Usually need to put in work to translate it into a strong pro career.


“Best Available”

Quite simply, the best play left on their draft board, or highest in their rankings.


“Not traditional”

Typically undersized players, that still found ways to produce in College. Also could refer to players that fall under a certain position, but may have the skill set to play another. “Evan Ingram is a non traditional Tight End, but an explosive play maker”


“Blue Collar”

Non flashy, probably doesn’t like social media or talking to the media. On the field, a team first player, and gets the job done. Who doesn’t like a “Blue Collar” Offensive Guard?


“Downhill Runner”

Think Mike Alstott, or Marshawn Lynch. They run hard. Usually good between the tackles


“Running Between the Tackles”

A running back that is more likely to run the ball up the middle, rather than take it outside


“Change of Pace back”

Think Darren Sproles. A quick, smaller player, that is versatile and can be a threat in multiple way


“Heavy Hands”

Describing someone who is good at using their hands, weather it is to block, or shed blocks. You’ll hear it a lot when it comes to Lineman


“Student of the Game”

That first to get to the building/last to leave type. Ideally you want to hear this about the Quarterback your team just drafted.  “Richard Sherman is a real student of the game”


“Gym Rat”

Likes to work out, also referred to as an “athlete”.  A more muscular “student of the game”


“Fluid Hips”

Commonly used when discussing Corners and Safety’s.  Basically, how fast and smoothly do they turn and run. Patrick Peterson, Deion Sanders, etc etc


“Good Ball Skills”

Think someone who is good at getting to the football when it’s in the air. High points it well, usually makes for a good read zone threat



Likely didn’t play much in college, or played at a small school, but has raw ability. Tim Brady turned out to be a pretty good Sleeper


“Field General”

Another term you want to hear from the Analysts when your team drafts a Quarterback. Can analyze and dissect a defense, and lead the troops! Think Peyton Manning


“Off-Field Issues”

Likely a word we won’t hear until the later round, as the issues tend to get players to slide in the draft. Sometimes can be as harmless as a Weed possession or tress passing charge(see Baker Mayfield), but can also be a lot worse(see Joe Mixon or Tyreek Hill)


“High Motor”

Works really really hard. Not the most talented player, but a relentless attitude and next gives up


“Run Stuffer”

A big defensive lineman who basically takes up space


“Sure thing”

Can’t miss prospect. Saquon Barkley, Julio Jones, Peyton Manning. Those types



Used a lot to discuss pass rushers, who might be a little to undersized for a scheme, or over sized for another. Melvin Ingram is an example



These are just a few, that came to me while thing about the topic. Any I missed? What are your Favorites? Sign up and comment below!


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