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Things I thought..Week 13 Edition

Another Week has come and gone in the NFL, here are some things I thought…


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What was up with the Sunday Night Football game? The Steelers and Chargers both look like teams that could go on playoff runs, and at the same time, looked like teams who could be one and done in the Playoffs. The Steelers certainly were on the wrong side of a few calls, but blowing a 16 point lead at home is unacceptable. Leaving a linebacker on Chargers Wide Receiver, Keenan Allen in key situations was a travesty. For the Chargers, the flat start was extremely surprising. Melvin Gordon’s injury was certainly a factor, but for a team playing on Sunday Night for the first team in 4 years, I was expecting a better start. Nerves may have played a role, and if so, full credit to Anthony Lynn and the Chargers coaching staff for fixing that at half. Also, be better Football fans



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How about Adrian Peterson?! Yes I know it was just one run, and he only averaged 1 yard per carry on his next 8 attempts, but I love seeing the older fellas make plays. That might be as exciting as it gets for the Redskins this season. With Colt McCoy going down, Mark Sanchez is the new starter, and that should wrap up their season(Side not, they are unlikely to bring in Colin Kaepernick). With the Win, the Eagles sit one game back of the Cowboys in the NFC East, and they meet this weekend. Love it.



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As soon as the Packers fell to the Cardinals, I tweeted that they need to change their Head Coach. This may have been way overdue, as the Packers just haven’t looked right all year. They continually rely on the magic of Aaron Rodgers, and sometimes it just isn’t going to happen. They need to bring in a young, up and coming coordinator who can utilize #12’s skill in his remaining years. With about 47 million Dollars in Cap space heading into next year, they should be able to add some pieces, but they may be battling Detroit for the next few years to stay out of the basement in the NFC North. Mike McCarthy should bounce back in a coordinator role, if he so chooses,


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I’m loving the Houston Texans right now. I was never really a Lamar Miller fan, but he’s getting the job done as of late. Deshaun Watson continues to be efficient, and their defense can get to the Quarterback, even if they only rush 4. Also, how did Justin Reid last until the 3rd round? The Safety from Stanford has been an absolute stud so far. Head Coach, Bill O’Brien deserves a ton of credit for keeping them on track after the 0-3 start. They’re rolling and having fun doing it.


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Hey Indy! What the heck? I finally pick you to win, I give you love in my awards article.  And your response, 0 points scored? You rush for 41 yards? I don’t want to take anything away from the Jags(Who I finally gave up on), but common. With four games left against the Texans, Eagles, Jets & Jags, I’m expecting a 2-2 record. This loss may be the reason they miss the playoffs.


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Lets keep this disappointment going, Carolina, you’re up! Remember a few weeks ago when you we’re a lock for one of the Wild Card spots? Well, 4 straight losses later, that spot is now in doubt. Cam Newton was awful vs the Bucs, throwing 4 interceptions, and it could have been more. The defense made Jameis Winston look like a good NFL Quarterback, which is a difficult feat. Losing Greg Olsen for the year is tough, and then throw in the fact that they see the Saints twice in the next four weeks, I think this one is done. But hey, Kelvin Benjamin is available…


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Weird times in Kansas City. I don’t want to give them too much credit for releasing Kareem Hunt, because it was their only move. I have to wonder what the vibe is, inside that room. The team knew, but didn’t see the video. Did players know? Were they left in the dark until TMZ let the video out? Either way, the offense looked like they didn’t miss a step, putting up 40 points on the Raiders. The questions still remain on the defensive side of the ball, as Jalen Richard and Doug Martin tore them apart on the ground, and Derek Carr looked great through the air. I’m very much looking forward to the upcoming Chargers/Chiefs game.


“Shut the F*** up!”

I’m not a Pats fan, nor a Belichick fan, but this is awesome. You’re going to yell in the direction of one of the greatest coaches in NFL history and think he won’t snap back? No chance! The Patriots seem to be in playoff form at this point, but the next two weeks won’t be easy. The Dolphins are playing teams tough, and still have a shot at the Wild Card spot, then they head to Pittsburgh, who can be a very good team at times. The last two weeks they’re at home to the Jets and Bills, likely games that won’t matter, and give the Pats the opportunity to rest up some players.



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