Kareem Hunt speaks for the first time after video release

Beleaguered running back Kareem Hunt spoke to the media for the first time on Sunday. The ex-Chiefs star went on ESPN NFL Countdown and sat down with Lisa Salters to talk about the incident that occurred back in February. Hunt apologized to his victim, fans and the Chiefs organization and that there was no excuse for his behavior that night.  Hunt said he never knew of the existence of the video and had never viewed it until it was released by TMZ on Friday. Hunt went on further to admit that the NFL never questioned him about the incident and Adam Schefter reported that the league didn’t contact the victim either which has led to many questions and frustration about how the league has handled this incident.

Back in 2014, the NFL was criticized for its handling of the Ray Rice assault. The league said they were unable to procure video evidence of the incident though TMZ claimed to have only made one phone call in order to receive it. After the fiasco, the league claimed to have made changes to improve their investigations into incidents of assault. However, this most recent incident seems to fly in the face of the claims as TMZ once again was able to obtain the video before the NFL. The Chiefs claim they tried to obtain the video but were told to stop when the league began its investigation. How the league was unable to get the video but TMZ was able to obtain it remains a mystery for now.

Chiefs released Hunt on Friday after the video surfaced. He remains on the Commissioner’s Exempt list which prevents him from being able to attend games or practice or play for any team. An investigation is still ongoing and Hunt will likely still face a suspension if or when he returns to the Chiefs or signs with a new team. For now the  young talent says he hopes he can move forward with his life and get a chance to return to the league in the near future.

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